More Games to Practice Math Facts

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Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.52.59 AMGrade 2 is practicing their math facts.  We want to learn our facts so that they are automatic.  We are using flash cards, doing sheets  and playing games to increase our speed.  Please use these games at home to increase your speed.  Just click on an image above and it will take you to a new page.  Good luck and have fun.

Celebrating the 100th Day of School

Today was the 100th Day of School.  We have been counting the days since we started on our first day of school. We had lots of fun with all our counting activities. Each student made a collection of 100 things at home and brought their collections to school today.  This morning we shared our projects. We shared what we collected, how we grouped our objects and who helped us.  We also Collected 100 names. We sang our 100 Day Song. We are each working on collecting 100 words.   This afternoon we made necklaces with 100 fruit loops. We ate a piece of cake with 100 candies. We wore our 100 glasses and crowns. We also drew pictures of what we might look like when we are 100.

Did you have a fun day?
How do you count to 100? by 1s, 5s, 10s, or 20s?

Counting the Days

We have been doing a lot of counting in Room 102.  We have been counting the days to the 100th Day of School since we started our first day in September.  This Wednesday, the 13th of February will be the 100th Day.  We will celebrate by each student bringing in a collection of 100 objects.  We will also have counting activities and a cake with 100 candies.  We’ve made crowns and 100 day glasses to wear.   It should be a fun day.  Below are some fun games to practice your counting skills. Click on a game and it will take to you a new page. Have fun learning.


Grade One is using 10 frames to help us count. We are learning to group things in groups of 10 to help us count large amounts. One of our daily calendar activities is counting the days to the 100th day of school. So far, we’ve been in school 24 days. Here is a photo of our 100th Day counting activities.

We are learning that when we are counting things that are more than 10 counting is made easier when we group objects in groups of 10. Using a 10 frame makes counting fun. We put the objects on the 10 frames. When the objects are on the 10 frame we are learning that we don’t have to recount each group of 10 – we know there are 10.

To practice counting play some of the games below. You just need to click on the picture and you will go to the game. Then watch our video. We are working hard at counting.


For a challenge try making some bigger numbers.


For more fun Math games look at the top of the blog – “Pages”.  There are two Math pages – “Tech tools for Math” and “Math Sites to Visit”.    Look for more counting games there.



Group your objects in groups of 10.

One ten and 7 more is 17.

One ten and 5 more is 15

Two tens and 3 more is 23.

Two tens and 8 more is 28.

What do you think of our counting activities?

Did you try one of the games?

Can you practice counting groups of things at home? – like cheerios, or macaroni, or paper clips?

Leave a comment and tell us what you counted.

Understanding Numbers

Grade 2 is working on understanding numbers to 100.  Each morning as we do our calendar and identify the day and date we also count the days we have been in school.  We show different ways we can represent this number.  So far we’ve been in school for 16 days.  We have been looking at coins and identifying the different ways each day we could use coins to show this number.  For 16 cents we could use:











We played a money game the other day called collecting dimes. Students worked in pairs. Each pair had 10 dimes, 2 nickels and 10 pennies. They also had a dice to roll. Each student took turns rolling the dice. If a 3 came up they would put 3 pennies on their board. When they got 5 pennies they could change them for a nickel. When they had 2 nickels they could exchange them for a dime. They continued to play until they had all ten dimes. They would ask each other as they played how much money was on the board.

We are also leaning to use tally marks, base ten block pictures, ten frames, and tokens. Here are some other ways to show 16.

We are learning to be neat and organized with our pictures, and to group in 2s, 5s or 10s so that our pictures are easy to see.












Did you enjoy playing the Collecting Dimes game?
Do you want to play it again?
Do you like Math?

What a Card Game!

Before March Break we worked on a Situation Problem in Math. It involved using a deck of cards, playing the game “War” and using strategies to identify 3 missing cards from a deck of cards (face cards had previously been removed). Watch our slide show to see us having fun with math.

What a Card Game! on PhotoPeach

Playing cards at home is a great way to reinforce Math and counting skills.
Do you like to play cards at home?
What are your favorite card games to play at home?

The 100th Day of School


We’ve been doing a lot of counting in Room 102. We’ve been counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s and 20s to 100.
We celebrated the 100th Day of School today. Each student brought in a collection of 100 things. We’ve been learning that it is easier to count objects if we group them in 5s, 10s, or 20s. Watch this slide show to see all our interesting collections.

The 100th Day of School on PhotoPeach


If you collected 100 things what would you collect?
How would you group your items so that they would be easy to count?

Here are some stories that we’ve been reading:

100th day

100th day worries


We’re Back!

Happy New Year to all our families, friends and global readers. We started back to school on Thursday so had a short week this week. There will be a full week of school next week. One thing we did in class this week was to work on our “Gingerbread Boy at School” story. It is coming a long very well. We will make a class book with it but I wonder how I will be able to share it with you. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

We also did some writing about our holiday. We started this on Thursday and then added more during stations on Friday. We are learning to use the sounds we know to write on our own. We have some resources around our room to help us. But when we use our sounds the teacher and others can read our writing. In Math we started to count large amounts of objects. We are learning to group by 10s to help us count. At the computer station we played a game on Abra called “word families”. Watch our PhotoPeach slide show to see us working in our stations.