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Grade 2 has been reading lots of Folk Tales. We are learning about what makes a Folk Tale. We recently recorded ourselves reading Henny Penny on our digital portfolio (ePearl). We have also been busy making puppets for a Henny Penny Puppet show. Look below for an animoto slidesow of our preparations. Two partners have also performed their puppet show. These two videos are also below. Just scroll down. Check back later for more puppet shows.

Elements of a Folk Tale

They were told and retold by word of mouth (oral tradition)
They usually begin with “Once upon a time”.
Many folk tales have animals who take on human characteristics.
They have repetition in them.
There is a problem and a resolution.


Some folk tales that we’ve read:

Preparations for a puppet show:

Two puppet shows:


What did you think?

What is your favorite folk tale?

13 thoughts on “More About Folk Tales

  1. I love the confidence of the children andI particularly enjoyed litening to them TELL the stories rather than Read THEM. This is quite a skill, I enjoy story telling myself. Last Friday I told one of my favourites to this age of student…Rumplestiltskin. Your class did a really good job of performing their productions and I hope they feel proud of themselves.
    How long does this topic carry on for?

    Mr E

  2. Dear Mr. E,
    We enjoyed reading your comment. We will read Rumplestilskin. Thanks for the recommendation. Thanks for visiting us and watching our videos.
    room 102

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch and children.

    So wonderful to see this post as I really loved listening to you and have missed you all.

    Your all did an awesome job.

    Now as for my favourite fairy tale story it would have to be Snow White.
    I really love the fact it has a moral to this fairy tale story.

    Here’s to another wonderful year of blogging with you Mrs Lynch.

    From your pal down under,

    • Dear AA,
      It is so nice to hear from you. How is your summer holiday going? We are finally getting some good winter conditions with some snow.

      Thanks for your comment and your encouraging words. The children are loving doing the puppet shows. We have a few more to do and put up.

      Enjoy your summer and hello to Bianca.
      Mrs. Lynch and her class

  4. @ Mrs Lynch,

    Thank you for writing back to me it was so nice to read your replay.

    BB is at a birthday party at this given moment so I thought I would jump onto the computer and check out my all time favourite blogs again.

    Yes we are having an wonderful time been on holidays for these last few days have been so hot. I much rather the cold weather.
    I wish I could have Bianca home with me all the time as I just love having her home.

    Take care Mrs Lynch.
    From your number one fan down under,
    AA. 🙂

  5. Dear AA,
    I love birthday parties and cake and ice cream. Yum! It is very cold here. Burrr! We had some freezing rain overnight and now we have lots of ice everywhere. We have to be careful when we walk that we don’t fall. Enjoy your precious time with Bianca.
    from your number 1 fan in Quebec,
    Mrs. Lynch

  6. First time at this site, found excellent skills in young kids. Stumbles on this site while looking for ideas to improve our own study center site. Watched a great deal of confidence in kids and can’t stop my self to give them Kudos.

  7. Dear Mrs Lynch,

    I love your post it is very intersting.

    I enjoyed watching the videos they are excellent. I have not heard of the folk tale Henny Penny but now I have.

    My favourite folk tale is The Gingerbeard Man.

    Mrs Lynch what is your favourite Fairytale?

    Mrs Lynch out of all your students what is the most popular Fairytale which your children like the best?

    Great Job Mrs Lynch and children.


    • Dear BB,
      I just got back from a great ski trip. The snow conditions were fabulous.

      It was so nice to see your comment. I hear from your mom that you are enjoying your summer holidays. It is very cold here and we have snow. Yeah!

      Thanks for your encouragement to Room 102. We have been having fun with Folk Tales and the students enjoyed doing the puppet shows. I need to post some more puppet shows!

      You asked a very good question. I don’t think I have a favorite folk tale but I like all the ones above as well as the Tortoise and the Hare and Goldilocks and the Three Bears because they are great to practice fluency when reading them. It’s fun to use different voices. They are good to practice retelling of stories, too because they have a repeating format.

      We like Little Red Riding Hood,too but that might be a Fairy Tale.
      Mrs. Lynch

  8. Mrs. Lynch and students
    You looked like you had a really good time doing the folk tales. Your blog is always so informative and shows what is happening in 102.
    What is the difference in a folk tale and a fairy tale? Which was the class favorite?

    • Hello Roadrunners,
      Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving such a nice compliment. We love folk tales. You asked a good question. I think one difference is that fairy tales have an element of magic in them. Usually there is an evil character as well as good characters. There are princes, princesses, kings and queen, and castles. In other ways I think they are the same. They started from word of mouth.

      It is always great to hear from you.
      Mrs. Lynch and room 102

    • Hello Evan,
      It was so great to get a comment from one of Mrs. Brancati’s students. Thanks so much for visiting us. I have a question for you. How did you add that nice picture of yourself? Thanks for your nice compliment, too. I will visit your blog soon.
      Mrs. Lynch in Quebec

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