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Many of our blogging friends have been posting about playground games. I thought it would be a great idea for Grade 1 to learn how to do the clapping game Miss Mary Mack. This is a poem, too, and fits right in with what we are working on in class.

Miss Mary Mack 1 from Mary Ellen Lynch on Vimeo.

Miss Mary Mack 2 from Mary Ellen Lynch on Vimeo.

Miss Mary Mack 3 from Mary Ellen Lynch on Vimeo.

Miss Mary Mack 4 from Mary Ellen Lynch on Vimeo.

Miss Mary Mack 5 from Mary Ellen Lynch on Vimeo.

Miss Mary Mack 6 from Mary Ellen Lynch on Vimeo.

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What do you think of our clapping game?

Do you play these games at your school?

Did you play games like this when you were young?

25 thoughts on “Clapping Games

  1. Dear mrs lynch. I liked are bloging chalinge a lot. And it was really fun too. I cald the pepole in novascosha that I no to do some coments on the blog. And it is a lot becuse I cald novascosha that I wind the bloging chalinge and my grandma helpt and stil one more persind that helpt me fore the bloging chalinge and it was the sister of my mom and her boy frend too. that helpt me win the bloging chalinge. from Lia.

    • Dear Lia,
      I am so proud of you that you know how to make a comment on the blog using your portal email address. You are so smart. Thanks for leaving a comment. Keep up all your good work. The more you write the better your writing will be. I hope you have a very Happy Easter with your parents and family.
      Mrs. Lynch

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch and your wonderful clapping students,

    What an awesome job you all did clapping hands.
    I was impressed at just how great you all were. For this game of clapping hands you sure need good hands to clap with and eyes to make sure you clap the other persons hands. And you all did. 🙂

    When I was at school I used to play the clapping game song but it was that long ago I just can’t remember the song.

    I loved watching every video you put up Mrs Lynch. Once again great work Mrs Lynch.

    Hope you all have a Happy Easter as it is Easter Sunday here and he has arrived with heaps of easter eggs. 🙂

    From your pal in Australia,

  3. Hi aa,
    Happy Easter to you, too. What do you do to celebrate Easter? Does the Easter bunny come and fill up baskets full of chocolate and candy? Michel and I are going to an Easter Brunch at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal with his Mom tomorrow.
    from your friend in Quebec,
    Mrs. Lynch

  4. Dear Mrs Lynch and students,

    Awesome clapping post.

    I love your 5 videos they were awesome.

    Well done to the each two people who did Miss Mary Mack. That is a tounge twisiter.

    I think your clapping game is awesome.

    At school we do not do that we do Double double this this and ABC hit it.

    Like AA said it is Easter today and I found easter eggs on the table and my livingroom.

    From your pal,

  5. Dear Mrs Lynch and students,

    I tried the clapping with LĂ©o’s mom….. Forget about it, I simply can’t do it. It is way way too hard. You are all so good it is great watching you doing it.

    When I was young, it is so long ago that I can’t remember if we were doing clapping!

    LĂ©o and his brother both had their “Annual Easter Egg run” this morning, they got a lot of candies ( no chocolate here cause of allergies, Bunny was aware of it) as well as Nintendo DS games.

    I wish you all a great Easter.

    Eric and Josée

  6. Dear Eric,
    Happy Easter to you and your family. I can’t remember if I did clapping games when I was little either. Thanks for your great comment. I love that you and your wife tried to do Miss Mary Mack. It does take some practice.
    Mrs. Lynch

  7. Dear Mrs. Lynch and Room 102,

    What a wonderful job the students did with the clapping song Miss Mary Mack! We watched all the videos today in class and my third grade students were very impressed!

    All of the performances were excellent, but I must say the first one was especially interesting to us. Ever since we posted our version of Miss Mary Mack the students have had some discussions and debates about whether or not boys can do clapping games. Some students, including some boys, said they couldn’t do them because they always messed up. Other students thought that boys could do them if they practiced.

    Well, your students showed that anyone, boys or girls, can do it! And the first two boys did it so fast! So, that solved our discussion.

    I have to admit, clapping games are very hard for me. My sister used to try to get me to do them when I was young, and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. But like anything, if I practiced enough I’m sure I’d get pretty good at them.

    Thanks for sharing those great videos!

    Mr. Salsich

  8. Dear Mr. Salsich,
    Thank you for your wonderful comment. The kids will be thrilled to see it. You are right though it does take practice to be at the same pace and to remember the poem, too. You know, I don’t remember doing these clapping games when I was little. Thanks to you and the other blogging classes for posting about these games. It was fun to learn Miss Mary Mack. Now we need to learn some jump rope games.
    from your blogging friend,
    Mrs. Lynch in Quebec

  9. Dear Mrs Lynch and class
    Well, I’m glad I popped in today to look at your playground videos. What a great job from all of the boys and girls. I will show them to the children in B4 next week when they are back at school after their break.
    I think we will try to learn some new songs this term, as it will be a great way to keep warm in our winter!

    What are some other favourite playground activities at your school?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  10. Hi Mrs. McKenzie,
    So great to hear from a blogging friend in New Zealand. Did you get our postcard yet? How cold do your winters get? I sure would love to visit New Zealand some day. I hear that it is beautiful.

    Thanks for your compliments for our clapping games. It was a great poem/song to learn and practice. It is great song to practice short vowels.
    Mrs. Lynch in Quebec

  11. Wow! Good job everyone on learning not only the words of the poem, but the difficult clapping movements as well!

    I’m so proud of you James, you kept going and finished the whole game with Lydia even after you made a slight mistake.

    I loved to play clapping games when I was young and I am happy to see that they are still popular! Sophie knows many different songs to clap to…

    And yes, I agree, this is a game for boys as well – and they are as good as girls! ;o)


    • Hi Micheline,
      I was so proud of him, too because he kept going when he made that tiny mistake. He worked really hard to be at the same pace as his partner. Good job! What a great team! Did his sister tell you she was walking by our classroom when we were filming so she got to watch him?
      Mrs. Lynch

  12. Dear Mrs. Lynch’s Class,

    That reminds me of when I was in first grade and in music I learned that playground hand shake! That’s probably my favorite playground handshake I hope you guys do more!

    Your Blogging Buddy,

    Madeline from Techie Kids

  13. Hello James and Lydia, It was a lot of fun to watch you do Miss Mary Mack. Great job! Keep up the good work.

    by Lydia’s Mom.

    • Hi Evangeline,
      Thanks for leaving us this great comment. I agree with you that James and Lydia did a great job with Miss Mary Mack. We will have to learn more clapping games next year.
      Mrs. Lynch

  14. Hi,

    I use to play these clapping games as well. But, back in Nova Scotia we use to say $50 instead of 50 cents. It is great that these games are still being played now, of course maybe with its own variations. I loved playing Oh little play mate. These clapping games do take time to learn, but it is fun when you learn it. Kayliya likes Mary Mack, but had a hard time learning Little Playmate.


    • Hi Dee,
      Miss Mary Mack is a fun clapping game. I was impressed with how fast most of the kids learned it. It is good song to practice short vowel sounds.
      Mrs. Lynch

    • Dear Marianne,
      Thanks so much for your comment to James. It really makes our work meaningful when our family and friends comment to us.
      Mrs. Lynch

  15. Dear Mrs. Lynch,

    I never knew how many kids could learn Miss Mary Mack. I wonder if I could do it that fast. I made up a new type of dance to it. Well, nice talking to you.

    Your friend,
    Techie Kids

    • Dear Kara,
      Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment. Did you learn how to clap Miss Mary Mack? I hope you visit us again.
      Mrs. Lynch

  16. There seem to have been several posts that I have missed! I’ll have to watch that as you do some excellent work. How cool you chaps are at getting your clapping rhythms going. Do you notice how rhythms is a seven letter word with no vowels! I found out that the ‘Mary Mack’ song originated in USA, at the time of the civil war and Mary Mack was a battleship, painted black. You can Google this for further information. I love the way all the children come across as interested and hard working. I haven’t finished with playground games, but things take time.
    You set a great standard and example…be proud of each other!

    Mr E

    • Hi Mr. E,
      I was hoping you had seen our clapping games. You were our inspiration to learn Miss Mary Mack.
      Thanks for your information about Miss Mary Mack. I didn’t know that it originated in the U.S. or that it was the name of a battleship.
      Thanks so much for your lovely compliment. It is very much appreciated.
      Mrs. Lynch and room 102

  17. Dear Madeline,
    I am sorry I missed your comment and didn’t reply to you. Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment. These clapping games sure are fun.. Maybe we will learn more of them next year.
    Mrs. Lynch

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