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I was very happy to hear that Pam Thompson in Australia nominated our blog for this blog award.  Pam has a blog called Thinking Allowed in Australia. I feel very honoured to be one of her favorite blogs. The purpose of the award is to spread the word about blogs and share the ones we enjoy the most.

Now I need to pass this honour to other blogs I think are definitely worth reading. The rules for the blogs nominated are:
1. Copy and display the picture of the award.
2. Link back to the blog that nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 different blogs yourself.
4. Inform those that you nominate so that they can in turn nominate their favorite blogs and share these great blogs with others.

I love blogs that share what is happening in the classroom. I love that we can learn from teachers and students around the world.

1. Miss McGeady
2. Mrs. Yollis
3. Mrs. Brancati
4. 2/3H Superstars
5. Little Voices, Little Scholars
6. Mr. Alvaro
7. The Smarties
8. Mrs. Patterson
9. 2M Gems
10. Mrs. Fale

There are so many blogs that I enjoy it was hard to choose… However, I didn’t realize I could nominate the person who nominated me … so please check out Mrs. Thompson’s blog, too.

7 thoughts on “Follow Friday Award

  1. Dear Mrs. Lynch,

    Thank you very much for the honor of receiving your award nomination. I am humbled. As a newcomer to the world of technology and blogs I certainly fell like I have so much to learn from the likes of amazing teachers like yourself.
    You will be top on my list when I do my nominations.
    Mrs. Brancati

    ps : I received my new “thumbtack” microphone. How cute! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    WOW I`m so happy 🙂 to hear of the award you won. Its so great as I know that I would have voted for you cause I just love reading your posts and I know for a fact that Bianca and Kayla really enjoy reading and commenting on your post. How nice too that you picked Miss McGeady and Mrs Yollis cause I would have picked them as well as you all do such a fantastic job on your blogs and I thankyou for that.
    Take care and keep up the wonderful work
    from your BIGGEST fan from down under AA.

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch,

    Thank you so much for nomnating my class blog for an award! Room 7 ( my class ) and I are extremely happy and indebted to you! It is good to know that what we are doing are of use to others!

    Thanks again!

    Mrs Jenny She and Room 7 at Pt England School, Auckland, New Zealand.

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