What We Learned About Owls

Grade 2 had a lot of fun learning about owls. Each student chose an owl and did some research at home to find out what their animal ate, where it lived, what it looked like and some interesting facts. For a project each student designed a pamphlet to display their owl. Students also used Tux Paint and Pixie which are drawing programs to make owls. Watch our slideshow to see some of our owls.

What We Learned About Owls on PhotoPeach

7 thoughts on “What We Learned About Owls

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  3. Mrs. Lynch’s Students~
    I love your presentation on owls. It is full of information and the drawings are wonderful. I learned a lot about owls from watching it! Thanks for sharing it with us. I can hardly wait to show it to my students in Texas.
    Mrs. Campbell

    • Hi Mrs. Campbell
      Thanks for your wonderful comment. That was a fun project. The kids especially loved making an owl on Tux Paint and Pixie ( drawing programs). Those students are in grade 3 now and I have a new group of grade ones. We loop here so I will keep these kids for 2 years.
      Mrs. Lynch

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