Plasticine Art Projects

Grade One loves Barbara Reids stories and her illustrations. She uses plasticine to make her pictures. We tried this art form and chose animals to create. We are also learning how to use adjectives to make our writing more descriptive. Adjectives are words like red, blue, green, striped, spotted, shiny or soft, etc. Check out our work. What do you think?

Check out Mrs. McGeady’s Class’ Adjective Monsters on a Voicethread. They are amazing. Just click on Mrs. McGeady’s name and it will take you to her blog. They are in Australia.

Plasticine Animal Art from Mary Ellen Lynch on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Plasticine Art Projects

  1. Hi everyone!
    Thanks for commenting on our blog!
    We’ve added you to our “sites we like” list on our blog.
    Your blog is fantastic!!!!!!!! We are very impressed.
    What program did you use to make the plasticine animals? It is a wonderful idea!
    We will check your blog regularly!
    See you soon!
    From Miss McGeady and 2KM in Australia!

  2. Hi Mrs. McGeady,
    Thanks for your comment. We added you to our blogroll too.
    You can go to Barbara Reid’s website and see some examples of using plasticine. She also has a video though I don’t have that.
    We just used colored plasticine or clay. We also used clear plastic cd cases to put our creation in – to protect them. We can close it to keep our creations safe.
    We will see you again soon. Have a great day.
    Mrs. Lynch

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