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Penguin Projects

April 13, 2012 by teacher102 · 18 Comments · Uncategorized

Grade 2 students of Ms. Mohammed, Mrs. Lemay and myself participated in a home / family project of creating a life size penguin.  Students chose one of 18 kinds of penguins and using a penguin information sheet practiced a presentation for the class. They could use any material that they liked to make their penguin. For example, they could use wood, paper, cardboard, papier-mache, felt, etc.

When students brought in their finished life size penguin they needed to be ready to share with the class. They talked about their penguin – size, what it ate, who was its predator, etc. They also talked about the step by step process of how they made it. At the end they answered questions. Students needed to remember to look at their audience and speak loud and clear.

You can see each student’s penguin in the slideshow below.
A special thanks to Mrs. Mohammed and Mrs. Lemay for including us in this great project.

Next is a mix of student presentations. Some clips are of students answering questions, some are of students explaining about their penguin facts or the process they used to make it with their family. Some students did not want to be filmed so there is just an image. Everyone did an excellent job. What do you think?

All three grade 2 class penguins were on display in the reception area of our school last week. Here is a photo below. They do look awesome!

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  • Eric

    Dear class,

    Great presentations you made there. I really appreciated the effort you made to provide us with very interesting information, results were quite something, you all can be proud of yourself.

    I went to the school yesterday and saw lots of penguins, they all look terrific!

    What a project.. Way to go second grade students and second grade teachers… You’re the best!


    • teacher102

      HI Eric,
      Thanks for that great comment. Thanks to you and all the parents for your help with this project. I agree with you that everyone should be proud. I love the picture with all the penguins together!
      Mrs. Lynch

  • Roadrunners

    Your penguin project is amazing. So many unique presentations and facts. This looks like a really cool project.

    • teacher102

      Dear Roadrunners,
      Thanks so much for your comment. We really appreciate you visiting us and sharing in our learning.
      Mrs. Lynch

  • aa

    Dear Mrs Lynch and children,

    WOW! what an amazing job you all did on your penguins.

    So Bravo to you all! I am so impressed. Also your information about your penguins was wonderful as you were all wonderful teachers, because you taught me heaps more about the different penguins that you made.

    I would love to make a penguin now as a matter of fact next school holidays I think Bianca will make one.

    I’m a bit late commenting on your wonderful blog as it is was BB’s birthday today so have take her out all day to celebrate her birthday. We went to a wildlife Bird park which was fun.

    Thank you Mrs Lynch for a great post I just loved it!

    From your number 1#fan down under,
    AA :)

    • teacher102

      hi AA,
      I hope you had a great weekend. It was warm here. I think Spring has finally arrived and is here to stay. We had a few warm days a few weeks ago and then it got really cold again. Now the plants are starting to grow. We have a few daffodils blooming and the tulips are coming up.

      Thanks for you comments on our penguins. I think all the children enjoyed doing this project with their families.

      We have been thinking of Bianca and we thought her birthday was coming up. Tell her Happy Birthday from me and all the children in Room 102.
      Mrs. Lynch

  • Mrs Monaghan

    I love your models of penguins, what a lot of effort and thought has gone into them! I like the way you all did so many different types of penguin, there were some I hadn’t heard of in there too! Great work, and they look fabulous on your display.
    The children in Mrs Eldridge’s Class http://middlehampri1.posterous.com/ did lots of work on penguins last term – you might enjoy looking at some of their projects, too!
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View

  • andre

    Hi mrs Lynch and class,
    what a fun family project.
    congratulations to all the students for your penguins
    and your presentation,you all did a excellent job
    you should be proud of yourselves
    keep up the great job

  • teacher102

    Dear Andre,
    Thanks so much for all our help and support with this family project. It was a big success and so fun for the children to share what they had learned.
    Mrs. Lynch

  • bianca

    Dear Mrs Lynch and children,

    I love all your wonderful penguins that you made.
    They look so real. I think it is awesome that Mrs Lynch gets you to do wonderful projects like this one.

    Your slide show was great too with heaps of information about the penguins.
    Thank you for the birthday wish it was so very kind of you all!

    I am back at school today after two weeks of holidays.

    From your friend,

  • Micheline

    Hello class,

    I just had a chance today to view the wonderful slideshow of your presentations. Wow, what an excellent job you all did! I love that every penguin is unique, made with all sorts of different materials and techniques…
    As a parent, I’m happy that I got to participate in this creative and educationnal project. James and I had a lot of fun finding out about the Galapagos Penguin and trying to make one similar to the real penguins. Thank you Mrs Lynch!

    • teacher102

      Hi Micheline,
      I liked that the penguins were all so unique, too. I was so impressed with everyone’s presentations. James did an awesome job! Thanks for all your support.
      Mrs. Lynch

  • Dee

    Wow, I am really impressed with all the work that went into the penguins everyone did! I knew of the emperor penguins from watching Happy Feet, it’s a really good movie. I never knew that his best friends were Homboldt penguins until this project. The kids all did such a great job!

    • teacher102

      HI Dee,
      Thanks so much for your comment! I agree with you. Everyone did a fantastic job not only with their penguins but with their presentations, too. It was a fun project to see. Thanks to all the parents who helped.
      Mrs. Lynch

  • Rachel

    Dear Mrs Lynch and kids
    wow thoes penguins are awesome!! That must have taken a long long time. I have some questions for you. How long did it take you to do the penguins? Did you have a designe to look at?
    Well got to go Rachel The classroom connetion :)

    • teacher102

      Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for your comment. I think the children had two weeks (3 weekends) to do their projects. They didn’t have a design but each person had to decide how they wanted to make their lifesize penguin. Some kids uses paper mache, some kids used soda bottles for the body. Some kids used wood. It was so interesting to see what they came up with. That was a great question, Rachel. We love having you visit our blog and taking an interest in our learning. Have a great weekend.
      The children in Room 102

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